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Thread: REMOTE_USER, LOGON_USER null...why?

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    keith5g Guest

    Default REMOTE_USER, LOGON_USER null...why?

    The server variables REMOTE_USER, LOGON_USER, etc. are returning empty values on TWO of my servers, but it is returning a value on ONE of my servers, and I can&#039t figure out why or what the difference is.<BR><BR>The one that is working is:<BR>* Windows 2000 Pro<BR>* IIS 5<BR><BR>(The value returned is the NT username that the person is logged into in the current domain, which is exactly what I want.)<BR><BR>One that isn&#039t working is the same configuration, and the other is:<BR>* Win NT 4, SP6<BR>* IIS 4<BR><BR>These computers are all on the same network/domain.<BR><BR><BR>I&#039m not using any of IIS&#039s NT authentication stuff... the server variables (at least REMOTE_USER) are supposed to return the user&#039s NT username regardless.<BR><BR>Keith

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    KPW Guest

    Default RE: REMOTE_USER, LOGON_USER null...why?

    Check the properties of the folder in which your ASP file is located. Specifically, check to see if anonymous access is allowed. If so, you must disable it.<BR><BR>HTH

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    keith5g Guest

    Default will disabled anon. access require authentication?

    If I disable annonymous access, will visitors to the site receive an authentication dialog that requires them to log in?<BR><BR>Right now the site is an intranet site, but we plan to open it to the internet. Will internet users receive such a dialog?

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    KPW Guest

    Default RE: will disabled anon. access require authenticat

    I&#039m no expert, but my guess is that yes, internet users would receive a login dialog.<BR><BR>What are you trying to use the REMOTE_USER / LOGON_USER server variables for? Is it for some type of tracking? Could you use the REMOTE_HOST variable instead? (The REMOTE_HOST variable should return the client&#039s IP address.)

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    keith5g Guest

    Default thanks

    Thanks.<BR>I am using it for tracking, but to track who they are, rather than their IP address.

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