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    I am trying top send an html email using CDONT. <BR>I have my statment which is <BR><BR>Emessage = "&#060;html&#062;&#060;head&#062;&#060;/head&#062;&#060;body&#062;"<BR>Emessage = Emessage & "&#060;p&#062;Dear" <BR>Emessage = Emessage & recmail("name") <BR>etc<BR><BR>But when the email is recived the html is not read anyone got any idea how I can make this work...

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    Default, FAQ # 11<BR><BR>Also, there are a number of great email FAQs at:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    The BodyFormat property sets the text format of the NewMail object. It is of type Long, and has two possible values: 0, which indicates that the body of the message includes Hypertext Markup Language (HTML); or 1, which indicates that the body of the message is exclusively plain text. The default value for the BodyFormat property is 1, so this property does not need to be set for plain text messages. <BR><BR>MyMail.BodyFormat = 0<BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR>Rob

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