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    Chris A. Guest

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    I have a question about a recordset I&#039m working with. I have records that all have unique date and time stamps (in separate fields) that will from time to time contain duplicate data in other fields. <BR><BR>I&#039d like to just display the most recent of the "duplicate" records, and ignore the rest (but preserve them in the database--I don&#039t want to delete them). <BR><BR>Is there a way to write such a SQL statement? <BR><BR>Please help...! <BR><BR>= ) <BR><BR>C. A. <BR>

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    Chris A. Guest

    Default I know, I'm sorry...but I still need help. =

    = )

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    I will try and help but just watch the cross-posting...<BR><BR>SQL = "SELECT TOP2 fieldname FROM tblXXX WHERE duplicatvalue = duplicatevalue ORDER BY desc"<BR><BR>This should work, I think....

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