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Thread: ASP only good for owner-developer?

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    Is it correct to say that ASP is only good for owner-developer of websites? since the main strength of ASP is ease of coding for database manipulation. I.e. if I am going to hire someone else to write the codes for a site, my logical first choice would not be ASP, since the cost of having it hosted is higher for NT servers than Linux/Unix servers which don&#039t run ASP?<BR>I would like some unbiased views.

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    Big Al Guest

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    ASP is more powerfull any easier to use and update then cgi. But you are right running on NT is more exprensive. but you could use Chillsoft on the unix server to run asp. But it all depens on what you want your site to do.

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    I think you will quickly find that the primary and largest percentage of your costs will be in the human resources you need to develop and test any web application you build. Because ASP is easy to learn and very popular, you will find half-decent ASP talent (if not more common then) less expensive that Java, C++ or even PERL developers. And people will BY FAR be your greatest expense, far outstripping the higher costs of NT hosting.<BR><BR>Frankly, if what you said were true, I would never work. I am a consultant and my company hires me out to clients who&#039ve implemented ASP and other Microsoft technologies because they are robust, feature-rich and are supported by a fantastic wealth of talent in the industry.<BR><BR>Richard

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    thanx guys, for the useful discussion. I am starting to learn asp as someone who has only very little knowledge in programming, and want to start a business with the knowledge, but I need to be able to convince myself and after that, my clients, that it is worthwhile to host sites on WinNT servers in order to use ASP, for running their sites. I need the discussion so that I am more convinced that learning ASP will lead to a future, and that ASP will still feature prominently in the web landscape in the years to come.

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