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    fl1rt@chee.ky Guest

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    hello again...<BR><BR>I need to do a database search where wildcards are a feature eg..<BR><BR> StrSQL = "SELECT * FROM Directory where city=LON*"<BR><BR>LON* is a wildcard for any city with the prefix LON<BR><BR>like LONDON<BR><BR>cheers, unless I solve it first<BR>I&#039m sure it&#039s easy...it&#039s just 02.30am in the morning here..yawn<BR><BR>

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    Sharique Guest

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    HI there!<BR><BR>Do not use <BR>StrSQL = "SELECT * FROM Directory where city=LON*"<BR><BR>USE<BR>StrSQL = "SELECT * FROM Directory where city like %LON% "<BR><BR>Thank U.

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    fl1rt@chee.ky Guest

    Default wild and cool..easy when you know how

    thanks..Sharique<BR><BR>that syntax for wildcards worked a treat.<BR>

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