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    Kevin Guest

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    I am analyzing proxy log files with WebSpy Reporter.<BR>One day, it was generated 80 hours for one user!!.<BR>I sent the concerned log file to and I received the following message:<BR>//<BR>Hello,<BR> <BR>I apologise for the delay in answering your query, but have been having problems with my computer the last few days. <BR> <BR>Thankyou very much for the log file you sent us. It displayed the same figures here as it did on your computer. We looked into the log file, and we found that the figures displayed in Analyzer are correct, according to the log file.<BR> <BR>Logically it is not possible for one user to have spent 80 hours on the internet in one day, but unfortunately Duration is a slightly confusing field. As I explained in my last e-mail, Duration the length of time from starting to download a resource to finishing downloading a resource. <BR> <BR>If you go to a website that has 10 pictures on it, and each picture takes 2 minutes to download, then this would be recorded in the log file as 20 minutes of browsing, even though the website may not have taken that long to download as the pictures were downloading concurrently.<BR> <BR>Unfortunately this is not very easy to explain, but it does show that this particular user spent considerably more time on the internet that day than anyone else.<BR> <BR>If you have any other questions please don&#039t hesitate to ask.<BR> <BR>Regards,<BR>Stefanie,<BR>WebSpy Support.<BR>//<BR>Please, can you give me a feedback on this<BR>Is there any software that calculates the real spent time on browsing. I want to be fair with our internet users. I need it urgently.

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    How would you define "real time spent on browsing"?<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Kevin Guest

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    Dear Duncan,<BR>this is an example of what I mean by real time spent on browsing: suppose that I browsed 3 sites simultanously for 5 minutes, WebSpy report will generate 15 minutes of browsing, although i only browsed for 5 minutes. What I am asking for is the 5 minutes to be registered and not the 15 minutes.<BR>Thanx<BR>

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