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    I&#039ve created a website(offline) which generates web pages from an Access database. I use PWS (windows 98) to test offline. Now I want to find a host and go live. From what I understand, one can&#039t use Access database for a busy website, so how do I get this thing up and running on a host? Is there a way to import the existing database into SQL Server or Oracle? Thanks for any help anyone can give.... deadline is approaching and panick is setting in. <BR>-zbp<BR>

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    Who says Access can&#039t cut it!<BR><BR>If you were expecting thousands of hits per hour, you might have a problem. I would suggest that you see how it goes with Access. When you get more than 1000 hits per day, start thinking about it.<BR><BR>If you are serious about upgrading, SQL Server has a tool called the Upsizing Wizard, which can automatically convert and transfer your acces database to SQL Server. You may make life a little easier for yourself, if go through the sql documentation and just check out the compatability of the various data types between the two systems. If you database is simple you could just write SQL "create table" commands to create tables in the SQL db, and sql commands to transfer the data.

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    Thanks Peter!

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