I&#039m running a DTS package from SQL7 via ASP. It works fine until the DTS completes, I get the message "The page cannot be displayed" and "Cannot Find Server or DNS Error" at the bottom. I&#039ve set the Server.Scripttimout to 360 seconds and it only takes 3 minutes to run, so it isn&#039t that.. <BR>Anybody see anything like this and know a resolution? <BR><BR><BR>Server.ScriptTimeout = 360 <BR>Dim objDTS, objFSO, Result <BR>Set objDTS = Server.CreateObject("DTS.Package") <BR>Call objDTS.LoadFromSQLServer("ServerName", "User", "Password", DTSSQLStgFlag_Default, , , , "WorkersCompUpload") <BR>call objDTS.Execute() <BR><BR><BR>J.