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    Tony Guest

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    Hi folks!<BR><BR>I&#039ve got another question for you, if you could just point me in the right direction, I&#039d be ecstatic. Our company has a site I&#039ve developed where users can log in, and browse through customer trouble tickets using ASP and Access 2000.<BR><BR>We&#039ve got a system set up so that when you log in, a column in the user&#039s employee database record is switched from "No" to "Yes". Users have a fixed amount of time to access the database. When they click a "log out" link, the column is reset to "No". However, if they don&#039t click "log out", or their session expires, they are locked out until I can go in and reset the variable.<BR><BR>My question is this: Is there a site with code snippets or a tutorial on how to code a window to pop-up warning the user when they have 15, 5 and 1 minutes left of their session? Also, I would need a button that would allow them to refresh their session. Or is there a way to execute client side scripting when a window closes to change a value on the database on the server?<BR><BR>My problem is that I ONLY know vbscript, and have almost no experience with javascript, although I&#039m more than willing to learn. Thanks!

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    The problem you&#039re going to run into is that when you send the popup window, the session won&#039t expire in the remaining amount of time... it&#039ll reset back to 15-20 minutes. The session expires when there is 15-20 minutes of inactivity.<BR><BR>If you&#039re using Win2K, you should use the session on end event... it&#039s kinda buggy in IIS4, but they&#039re supposed to have fixed it up in IIS5.<BR><BR>If you want to warn users how much time they have left, consider using frames, and just use a JavaScript function to do a countdown... you can show the user how much time is left in the status bar of the frame window.<BR><BR>I&#039m pretty sure you can get an example of that code at

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    Thanks! Guest

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    Thanks for the help again Steve! :)<BR><BR>Tony

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