is there a getString on steroids?

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Thread: is there a getString on steroids?

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    I have played around a bit with getstring (the ado recordset method) but it seems far too limited to be useful in most circumstances. I for one can&#039t think of a single example of a page I&#039ve made that had a straight table with no formatting specific to each field based on a db. I was wondering if someone knew of a timesaving method like getstring that you could basically say, here&#039s exactly how a row will look where you supply a string with maybe %fieldname% to denote put that field here...<BR><BR>According to 4guysfromrolla articles, one of the main advantages of getstring is that you don&#039t have to call response.write repeatedly.. to test this theory I made a loop that composes one giant string and then wrote it out after the loop. This was actually SLOWER. using getstring was fast (as expected) but it looks so ugly and it actually is useless in the current context I am trying to achieve.<BR><BR>So that&#039s the question.. is there anything similar to getstring which will greatly speed up iteration though a recordset?

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    I couldn't agree more. I stumbled upon it because it was the only thing that I could use to put the results of a Memo Field into a table cell. Everything else seemed to fail. But man is it ugly!!! How often do you need the ID number displayed??<br /> I'm not trying to come up with a way to save the output to an array, then put this into my pretty table after parsing out the junk. Any help with this would be appreciated.<br />

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