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    I want to add a voting system to a message board which we allow the users to vote for the best message! i am new to coding and i would really like to do this! Could some one please help me! It is really urgent! Pleasee<BR>Peace<BR>Alex

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    Welll you will have to tell us what type of system you wnat to have<BR><BR>just calculate the total # of votes or a rating system.<BR><BR>If you only want the # of votes have another column where you store the # of votes call it Votes or something and another for the user (if you have one. This is just to ensure a user does NOT vote for more than one message)<BR><BR>then a button next to each message saying vote if a user clicks on it call a new page where you increase the vote count in the DB by one<BR><BR>update tablename set votes = votes + 1<BR>

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