hi,<BR> i m writing for the first time,<BR> Well there are three problems I am encountering<BR> 1) I have declared 2 session variables in global.asa file in<BR> session_onStart, I initialise the variables in my index.asp pagewhere I<BR> assign my user name to 1 and Password to other variable.<BR> whenever I try to access it in second,third or fourt page, It does not<BR> display the values, when i m using netscape 4.7, it works well<BR> with ie5,<BR> pls advice whether my asp file has to include the whole html tags<BR> 2)I have a blank table called emp made in access,please guide me how to<BR> create its odbc ( wether to create a file dsn/system dsn or<BR> user dsn with<BR> the steps to create it). and also give steps to connect the<BR> database and<BR> insert a record using ado.I am confused with the connection object<BR> parameters, userid(coz i havent given any to table/dsn),<BR> password (coz i<BR> havent given any to table/dsn).<BR> 3) How do I send a form information which i have collected<BR> directly to an<BR> email a/c)<BR> Please give a comprehensive help, coz i have tried asking these same<BR> questions at many sites but was unsuccessful<BR>Faithfully,<BR> Vishal<BR>