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    I want to click on a link and then have that value of the link to be select in a drop down box. I can get it to work in IE, but not in Netscape.

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    Since you have a script that&#039s already working in IE you would&#039ve posted that script,so that it would&#039ve been easier to figure out what&#039s wrong for NN<BR>But anyway I think this is oneway to do it<BR>if u have that value already in the Select list then u can just set the selectedindex to have it selected<BR> document.formname.selectlistname.selectdIndex = value<BR>if u don&#039t have that value in the listbox and u want to create a new one<BR> document.formname.selectlistname.options[newindex] = new Option("Choice","Value");<BR> document.formname.selectlistname.selectdIndex = newindex;<BR>to find out the value for newindex<BR> newindex = document.formname.selectlistname.options.length +1;<BR>Hope this helps.<BR> <BR><BR><BR>

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