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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am wondering are there ways of allowing users to format the text in a form field that will be added to a database without teaching them HTML.<BR>I have just discovered the &#060;%=Replace(text, vbCrLf, "")%&#062;<BR>command to enable linebreaks when displaying database info.<BR>However, I was wondering if there was a way of tabbing across or indenting text so that it outputs kind of like a table???<BR><BR>Or is this just wishful thinking??<BR><BR>Thanx in advance,<BR>KatieG<BR>

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    Very, very tricky. The final output will be HTML, so line breaks, tabs and spaces are all treated equally. The only decent way to produce table formatted output in HTML is to generate an HTML table, which is darned tricky unless the people producing the text know what they&#039re doing...<BR><BR>There is a really, really NASTY kludge: the &#060;PRE&#062; tag. Any text inside the &#060;PRE&#062; tag is rendered as it appears, line breaks, tabs and all. The problem is that it doesn&#039t flow, so a long line of text forces the browser window to scroll horizontally. I&#039m not sure, but I think &#060;PRE&#062; is depricated, so support may disappear sooner or later.<BR><BR>Dunc

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