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    MY ASP pages link into a database, reading in a variable called ItemNum. Checking it against the field in the database called ItemNum redirects to an edit page. This edit page selects all the records where the field ItemNum = Request("ItemNum").<BR>It works on half the site, but on the other half ("Available Dissertation Supervisors") It won&#039t pull the required values when i click edit.<BR>If anyone want&#039s to check it out and offer suggestions,<BR>point your browser at<BR>Then either post your suggestions here, or e-mail me<BR>j.r.telles@salford.ac.uk<BR>THANKS

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    i think u have a problem with spaces in field name. <BR>try:<BR>Rs.([Available Dissertation Supervisors]) <BR><BR>to access the field value or better still the ordinal number.<BR>please cross check, access delimiters

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    Joe Telles Guest

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    Check the Ip address<BR>I&#039m not using &#039Available Dissertation Supervisors&#039 as a reference or condition. I&#039m reading in one word into the Variable ItemNum, which is then compared to Field Name ItemNum. If they match, it returns three values (Space, Places, Total) from Fields of the same names. Convoluted i know, but that&#039s how it is. The problem is it isn&#039t returning the three values, just getting blanks in the form. Which you can&#039t see because you don&#039t have a password. Sorry!

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