I posted this on Components Board, but I will post here as well because this board is more active and hopefully I&#039ll recieve an answer. I am having trouble setting values of multiple cookies using the XMLHTTP object requiring several requests/responses between two servers. I have first submited an HTTP request via POST. Since I can&#039t figure out how to retrive the values of individual cookies either, I stored the values of each cookie in a variable using string manipulation instead. This part works fine, I now have all of the desired cookie values stored as variables. <BR><BR>I now need to send these multiple cookie header values along with additional POST data. Below is my code: <BR><BR>xml.Open "POST", "http://e1.swirve.com/news.cgi", False <BR>xml.setRequestHeader "Cookie: ", "EarthID=" & strEarthID <BR>xml.setRequestHeader "Cookie: ", "USERNAME=" & strUSERNAME <BR>xml.setRequestHeader "Cookie: ", "PSTRING=" & strPSTRING <BR>xml.Send "TIMEPERIOD=0" <BR><BR>I am not getting an error message, but the server is not recieving all three of these cookie values, because I am getting an "Access Denied" error from the site. How do I send all of these cookie header values along with POST data? How do I retrieve the values of individual cookie headers? Any help would be appreciated, and I&#039ve already consulted the Microsoft Documentation but it did not go into enough detail :)