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    Im about to build a content rich site from the ground up, and would like to make use of a db for my articles. Any articles i can turn to for more info? <BR>I was thinking of a) havnig the entire article text in the db, or b) having the articles in html and jsut have the file name in the db, then use the filesystem object to write the article to teh current html stream. Any ideas or suggestions? Please email me at thanks

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    I would setup these columns. articleID, title, author, location, article, image, genre, priority, dateCreated, dateUpdated<BR><BR>This way you can make a nice little web admin to add articles to easily. you could set higher priority for certain articles so they are displayed at the top of the list, seperate articles by genre, and add 1 image to the article in a predefined place on the template page. I would write the article body in html and just paste it into the article field for quick formatting. All you have to do is create 1 template page to populate with the data pulled for each article in it. This way you only have to update one page if you need to change a link or something instead of 100&#039s. <BR><BR>This is of course a very simple layout, you should use lookup tables for author, genre, and maybe location. There are a lot of tutorials to get you started, just search for database driven site.<BR><BR>There are a million ways to do this, so just start off where your knowledge lies and as you learn more update it. Best way to learn, instead of going all out and driving yourself crazy on your first db project.

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