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    I want to change the destination URL of a FORM&#039s &#039action&#039 value mid way through a form. I want to set it to something other than what it what is set in the &#060;FORM Action="..."&#062; tag.<BR><BR>I&#039ve set up a javascript function for this:<BR><BR>function formRedirect() {<BR> newURL = "aNewPage.asp";<BR> document.myForm.Action = newURL;<BR> document.myForm.submit()<BR>}<BR><BR>Should this not submit my form to the new action location?<BR>For some reason it continues to post to the url in my action assignment in the form tag.

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    What you can try is REMOVE the acion from the form tag. Set the action dynamically. If you wnat to send the for to page1.asp call the function that will do that else call your redirect function

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