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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I have this very funny problem of which my head is not able to break the puzzle .<BR><BR>I have this variable which has to have an array of field names from my database.<BR><BR>Say <BR>MyArray=ARRAY("field","field2","field3")<BR><B R>Now the part ("field","field2","field3"),I am getting from another variable called "fieldnames"<BR><BR>I am not able to substitute in "MyArray" variable the above variable such that it can understand it along with the keyword ARRAY.<BR>This I need very badly as I am calling this Array variable by passing a href to it in order to get the fields to form a Join.<BR><BR>PLEASE HELP ME..It is really very urgent..<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Resh.

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    Default Why the need to represent it???

    I am afraid that I can&#039t make any sense of what you are asking.<BR><BR>The line you show,<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; MyArray=ARRAY("field","field2","field3")<BR>seems to me to answer anything you would need, and it works.<BR><BR>Can you show what you are *trying* to do that in your code.<BR><BR>Perhaps do a Response.Write of the variable you called "fieldnames", to that we can see exactly what it is you are trying to convert to exactly what?<BR><BR>

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