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    Heather Ross Guest

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    I have a pop up window whose content changes depending on a user&#039s selection of certain demographics..for instance, selecting all Females, and selecting between age 18-25. From that selection the info in the pop up window changes. The problem is that on some user&#039s PC&#039s when selecting the pop up window more than one time during a session the window doesn&#039t automatically refresh with the new info, even if they close it and try to open the window with the new selections, the only way to refresh it is right click and go to refresh. <BR><BR>All I do is open a window and write info to a table using JScript to open the window, ASP to get the content and HTML to create the table. <BR><BR>Can anyone help with this issue??<BR><BR>Heather

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    steve magara Guest

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    One way is to rewrite the url by adding something unique to the querystring each time. It won&#039t cache if the url is different. This example uses the date object. You could add your own application-specific info to the querystring to make it even more unlikely it could occur more than once.<BR><BR>function popup()<BR>{<BR>var dtDate= new Date();<BR>window.open ("demog.asp" + "?ID=&#039" + <BR>&nbsp&nbspdtDate.getDate() + <BR>&nbsp&nbspdtDate.getHours() + <BR>&nbsp&nbspdtDate.getMinutes() + <BR>&nbsp&nbspdtDate.getSeconds() + "&#039")<BR>}<BR><BR>Hope it gives you some ideas.

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    testing site..sorry for inonvinience

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