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    I am trying to use codebehind classes, but am having a little trouble. I get a page compiler error saying that the specifiec class cannot be used to inherit from.<BR><BR>I am not at my development computer right now, but the only thing that I can think of is that my bin directory is not in the base of my web. It is in a /web/bin subdirectory, where web holds all web content.<BR><BR>If I were to change my base to be /web, would this compile? It seems like the page is finding the class alright.<BR><BR>(I was comparing my work to example applications, and this is the only difference that I can find.)<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Pete<BR>

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    Sounds like you have solved your own problem. The /bin directory must be in the root level of the application. Set IIS&#039s Hoe Directory to your /web directory, and providing the your compiled DLL is in the bin directory, everything should work fine.<BR><BR>Doug Seven<BR>

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