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    Matiur Rahman Guest

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    I am getting the following error processing an ASP on NT Workstation using PWS. After getting this error no other ASP would work. After rebooting the machinre it works fine. I don&#039t understand where the problem is. <BR><BR>I posted this before, but could not get the answer to stop this happening. So, if you had experienced the same problem and had it corrected, please let me know the solution. Thanks..<BR><BR>&#060;-----<BR>error &#039ASP 0115&#039 <BR>Unexpected error <BR><BR>/BackUpHub2K/ContUnloadNoRead.asp <BR><BR>A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running. error &#039ASP 0115&#039 <BR><BR> ---&#062;

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    Fred Guest

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    Try this url<BR><BR> NT&p=1&chkM=on&radM=2&chkS=on&radS=2&chkA=on&radA= 2&chkP=on&radP=2&chkK=on

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    Matiur Rahman Guest

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    I have not read yet. But it will help, I guess.<BR>Thanks again.

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