One of my users has a relatively fast machine (350) with plenty of memory (128M) and plenty of free disk space, but it takes 3 to 4 times as long for client-side VBScript scripts to complete on his machine than it does on anyone else&#039s machine in the same remote office.<BR><BR>His machine is running IE5.0.2314 on Windows NT 4, SP5 (maybe SP4, need to check). Doesn&#039t matter whether he&#039s doing database access or not (got one page that does DB access and local filesystem access through RDS; got another page that uses FSO to get list of files from his file server).<BR><BR>Has anyone seen anything like this and if so:<BR> Can you tell me what the heck might be causing his machine to be so slow running VBScript?<BR><BR>Or, what additional information might I need to get to troubleshoot this?