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    I&#039ve just got my project on a test web server and I&#039m having some problems going from page to page. When I submit to a .htm page there is no problem, the relevant page appears but when I submit to a .asp a message box appears asking me if I want to download the page. When I was using Visual Interdev and went from there to view my project everything worked fine. Could this be a server problem?<BR>Thank you.

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    A likely reason for this, is when you go to your ASP page in your browser, you are going to an address like "C:webmyasp.asp" as opposed to "http:\myServermyasp.asp". If your browser is looking at the file directly, it may well try to download the file instead of show it&#039s results. Is your web server runining? Try looking at http://machineName or Http://machineIPaddress ( or whatever). If you don&#039t get a response, your machines web server is not running.

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