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    David Hyde Guest

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    I&#039ve developed an ATL component to be used in an asp script. It uses "both" types of threading model. One of the method calls starts a process running asyncronously that takes a long time to complete. The method returns quickly, but the resultant data isn&#039t ready for some time. The web designer calls this method, then loops inside the asp script until the result is ready. (They use another method call to test for this). However, whilst the asp is executing all clients to the IIS server are blocked. It&#039s as if IIS has only one thread and is using this to service all clients.<BR><BR>Surely this is not the case. How do big sites service many clients&#039 asp requests concurrently, especially when these requests take a long time to execute? Is this an ASP issue, an IIS issue or an ActiveX issue. Some insight would be very helpful.<BR><BR>Thanks very much<BR><BR><BR>David<BR><BR>

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    I&#039m a VB 6.0 programmer and i suggest u make the component apartment threaded.<BR>MTS takes care of threading issues for you. maybe u cud try including your component in MTS which is available from <BR>Option Pack 4. Big sites use 3 tiered architecture which means MTS.<BR><BR><BR>

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    David Hyde Guest

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    Quite right, I should have said. I specified "Both" threading models which includes apartment threading.<BR><BR>David

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    Manoj Guest

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    Three tier architecture doesn&#039t necessarily mean that MTS is used in it. Most of the systems run on 3-tier doesn&#039t use it. The 3 rd layer usually sits on a server[It may be as big as your DB Layer which is proportional to your App&#039s Business Logic]. If I am right, the MS Corp. still have to fine tune the MTS&#039s object pooling features.<BR><BR>-Manoj

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