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    Hello.. I was wondering if you could email me at about how i could implement the voting system.... more exactly how i could add up the votes for a particualr product (ie. one user voted 5 stars..other 1 star >>> output on the prodcut would be the average of all votes (3) and make the system display 3 stars.

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    eman2k again Guest

    Default Such as ASPIN.COM or DOWNLOAD.COM


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    Default ok...

    however, my email is down at the moment (stupid hotmail)...but i&#039ll get to you sooner or later...just look for an email from "Eric Hewitt" or "" one of the two...same address, just some emails don&#039t have the Eric Hewitt show up, and only the, i&#039ll get to you some time (p.s.--it&#039s not as complicated as you think)

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