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    I have designed a messageboard myself (with help from your writing to files docs)<BR><BR>[ ]<BR><BR>When I send the "comment" to the file I have writen it to the file with &#060;pre&#062; tags to get rid of the problems of changing it all it to html, but the one problem it doesn&#039t get rid of is wraping the text, so when reading the board it get very wide! :-(<BR><BR>Can you split the string into many and then put them all to the data file on a new line?<BR>The other way be to lock the table that they are in but, can that be done ?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Any help would be great !<BR><BR>Patrick<BR>

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    It would be FAR easier to simply write the response text in a table (with no border, if you like), because it will handle word wrapping your text.

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    this is how I do it when writing a text file into an html page, might do the trick<BR><BR>Do <BR>line= txtfile.ReadLine<BR>response.write &#060;- this changes carriage returns to <BR>" -&#062; Replace(Server.HTMLEncode(line), chr(13), "<BR>", 1) & vbcrlf &#060;- this is just for viewing source from browser -&#062;<BR>Loop Until txtfile.AtEndOfStream<BR>txtfile.close<BR>set filesys=Nothing<BR>Set txtfile=Nothing

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