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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a problem which has 20%,80% frames, In the right frame i have a form with elemnts, when i press submit(OK) button, i should refresh the location object URL with the differnt URL in the location. And this(OK) button is a generic function(Included File).<BR><BR>Ex: Before i pressed OK button (<BR> After i press OK button (<BR><BR>Is there is a way in JavaScript to accomplish this???<BR>I appreciate if u can help me.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Srinivas

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    Hi,<BR>Try this out. If you give two frames different name eg:&#039a&#039 and &#039b&#039.If the form is submitted in the frame &#039a&#039 then you can make the page whichever you want to be appear in either &#039a&#039 or &#039b&#039 fram by giving the name of the frame and target url<BR>Eg. &#060;FRAME SRC="page.html#a"&#062; Where a is the name of the frame.<BR>This link may give you some idea<BR><BR>

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