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    Hi,<BR>I have a asp page where some content will come from another site. How can I use this conetent using SSI ? Basically 50% of the page content needs to be pulled from another server using http:// path.<BR>Any sugestions. I use IIS4, NT4.<BR>Thanx,

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    Default SSL?

    The latest version of MS XMLHTTP says it supports using both http and https but I haven&#039t found the instructions for https.<BR><BR>Andrew

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    You can&#039t using SSI.<BR><BR>You could read that info with an HTTP component and stuff it into your page, but that would be very unwise if you want your page to be fast. You may want to consider caching the remote content locally on your server, updating it every &#039n&#039 minutes (or as necessary for your app).<BR>

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