Virual Root Webs, W2K Pro and IIS5

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Thread: Virual Root Webs, W2K Pro and IIS5

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    my problem is that i am starting to develope web sites for people and when they are hosted they are as a &#039virtual root&#039 eg <BR>trying to use W2K with IIS5 only allows one virtual root but multiple virtual folders, which isn&#039t a lot of help if you want to refer to say your images as &#039/images/...&#039 this makes it a major pain in the butt as any pages in sub folders have to work out where they are in the tree and prefix &#039../../&#039 on the front of images, for the local testing.<BR>can any body tell me a way round this without going to the expense of getting W2K server? i could go back to NT4 workstation with IIS4 bolted on as this worked ok, but i thought progress would be good (though possibly not in this case!)<BR>i hate to have a go at microsoft but how they can label the product professional when i can&#039t even do this simple task, is beyond me. the reason i updated from W98 with PWS to W2K was for this functionality.<BR><BR>cheers<BR><BR>rob

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    use a search and replace tool when deploying, so if you developed a site in /sitename/, just replace &#039/sitename/&#039 with &#039/&#039 (in a scratch folder so you don&#039t screw the local site) - we used to zip up the entire site, then unzip it to a scratch folder, retaining the folder structure, then replace appropriately and deploy. good for updates, cos you can search for newly modified files, then select &#039em, zip &#039em and ftp &#039em<BR><BR>My old company develops exclusively with this system (with one or two very minor exceptions). My new firm doesn&#039t, but it&#039s all personal preference.<BR><BR>j

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