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    Hi, I was hoping somebody could shed some light on this spontaneous error I got:<BR><BR>Microsoft VB compilation error &#039 800a0411&#039<BR>Name redefined<BR>Adovbs.inc, line 14<BR>Const adOpenForwardOnly = 0<BR>------^<BR><BR>Adovbs.inc is just an include file from Microsoft that allows me to use words in my db statements, rather than the obscure codes. I am developing a system using Access, and for the longest time, it was working perfectly fine. Then all of a sudden while I was adding some other functionality, that sprung up. I wasn&#039t working with the Adovbs file at all, and I&#039ve gone back through to see if I have misspelled something somewhere, but I can&#039t find any. I must be doing an illegal operation or something, but I don&#039t know where to look. <BR><BR>I really appreciate any help. Thanks!!

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    That just means the you have either defined or used that particular name *BEFORE* the place where it is found in the include file.<BR><BR>Maybe you used adOpenForwardOnly in a Recordset.Open call and *then* did the #include?<BR><BR>If your #include isn&#039t at the very top of your ASP file, move it there. Chances are that will clean things up.<BR><BR>

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