Creating Word Doc's based on Web Site Data

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Thread: Creating Word Doc's based on Web Site Data

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    Default Creating Word Doc's based on Web Site Data

    I have a database driven website and I want to allow users to generate Word documents based on the data (eg-so that the Word document includes their name and address already filled in). People have asked similar questions (and been told to search for a holy grail), but I am NOT looking to store any information--even sending it to the user as an email attachment is fine. <BR><BR>Any help, please email me at

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    If you have a specific format in which to send your Word document, then I feel you should install Word on your Webserver. Then create templates (.dot files) in Word for the format of the documents you want to send out and insert bookmarks in these templates where you want the user data to be shown. Once this is done, when a document is requested, you will have to instantiate a Word ActiveX object on the Server side, load the template with values for the bookmark and send the document to the client browser. Before you send the document, don&#039t forget to set the Content type property of the Response object.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Santhosh<BR>santhosh_arvin

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