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    I have done my prefinal semester project in ASP and am currently doing my final semester project in ASP again. My proficiency should be pretty good by the end of this. After i finish my graduation, would i be stuck in ASP or can i branch out to other things like Java ie. Would people take me as a programmer or as just an ASP specialist. <BR><BR>Also what are the job prospects in the US for an ASP developer ? What is the avg. pay ? <BR><BR>Thanking you in anticipation

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    Default Some non-technical answers

    well as for ou branching out..if you learn the "stuff" you can branch out. No one cares what you have done..they care about what you know.<BR><BR>The average pay will depend on howmay years you have been working i coult take a shot in the dark and say for a fresher you would get about 40000 but if you are compitent and good you will be able to get about 75000 which is not very food but to get to the 90000 you have t be very good and experienced i would guess.<BR><BR>i relly dont know i am consulting for a company right now and the company i would for bills counrtywide about $85 a hour for a direct employee i would guess 70000 is good for the first year or so.

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    ... that 70k USD is a bit much for straight out of school. I would say a very good ASP/VB/SQL person should make 75K USD after 2 years solid experience and top out at about 100-125K USD after 5 years. <BR><BR>Try out the salary calculator here:<BR><BR><BR>(it gave me a figure of about $94K USD w/4 years experience vb/com/asp/sql server - all the crap your average developer would have, that&#039s more than I&#039m making, but it&#039s only my first year in the hot US economy :)<BR>

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    Default Nice Link , thanks

    Thats a great link Richard, thanks!!!<BR><BR><BR>

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    Hmmmm...they said I should be making roughly 25% more than I actually am. So, either:<BR><BR>(1) I lied too much about my experience. (I don&#039t think so. I didn&#039t even mention things like VB or VisualInterdev that I have dabbled in but which I really don&#039t ever want to use in a job, if possible.)<BR><BR>(2) Salaries in Seattle area are lower than what they are calculating. And since you don&#039t specify the geographical area when you put in your skills, this is an obvious deficiency of the "calculator." Every salary survey I have ever seen rates different areas of the country differently. Even here in Seattle area, there is easily a 30% difference between Seattle and, say, Olympia...which is only an hour or so away.<BR><BR>(3) I really am underpaid. But since last time I went looking the best offer I got was less than 10% over what I&#039m making, I don&#039t think that&#039s as true as their silly calculator would have you believe.<BR><BR>(4) I&#039m such a dork that nobody wants to hire me. This option, at least, deserves serious consideration.<BR><BR>Bill Wilkinson<BR>"The Genuine Old Fart"<BR><BR>

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