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    Jean-Luc Guest

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    I went thru an article in Visual Basic Programming Journal about Remote<BR>Scripting. I downloaded the RS 1.0a and the 5.0 scripting. Then I downloaded<BR>the code of a sample to have a go. Well, when running it I am bumping into<BR>the following error :<BR><BR>in: function _MSRS_startRequest<BR><BR>at: this.rsapplet.startRequest<BR>,url_conte xt,url,this.REQUEST_MODE_COMPLETE);<BR><BR>message : An exception of type "Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object<BR>doesn&#039t support this property or method" was not handled.<BR><BR>As I can&#039t read the JScript code I am stuck.<BR><BR>Any idea around ?

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    The message seems generic. The add function in the sample code works for me.<BR>Be aware that the remote method is only returning simple data types, similar to parameters which also need to be simple data types

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    Jean-Luc Guest

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    The thing is that I didn&#039t write this piece of code. It&#039s just in the rs.htm which is coming along in the remote scripting installation

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    Jean-Luc Guest

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    Woua, so far it looks pretty much quiet around here. Anybody could help me please. I have got some more. I tried running<BR>it with Netscape as client and I got the following message : ERROR: Cannot<BR>locate proxy which supports Remote Scripting. Was RSEnableRemoteScripting<BR>method invoked? OK. When clicking on OK I got another message with just the<BR>OK button in it. And that&#039s it.<BR><BR><BR>jean-luc

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