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    Is there a way to parse a URL? I would like to know which directory a file is in and what the name of that file is. Example: - I would like to read &#039folder&#039 into a variable and &#039file&#039.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Andrew<BR>

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    Just an idea, don&#039t have time to code this, but do the following:<BR><BR>1.) Get rid of "//"<BR>2.) Split on "/"<BR><BR>Dim strURL<BR>strURL = "<BR><BR>&#039Step 1<BR>strURL = Replace(strURL,"//","")<BR><BR>&#039Step 2<BR>Dim aURL<BR>aURL = split(strURL,"/")<BR><BR><BR>&#039Now, if there are three elements, then we have a file and folder. If there are two, just a file<BR><BR>If UBound(aURL) - LBound(aURL) = 3 then<BR> strFile = aURL(UBound(aURL))<BR> strFolder = aURL(UBound(aURL) - 1)<BR>elseif UBound(aURL) - LBound(aURL) = 2 then<BR> strFile = aURL(UBound(aURL))<BR>end if<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps (and works!) :)

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