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    I have a script which returns 15 records at a time to the browser from an SQL db. I want to be able to check each record set as either found or not found with a checkbox. When the check box is checked I need to have a call to a sub routine that will update that recordset as true or -1. I don&#039t want to check all 15 and then submit all 15 at once. I need to do the update each time the box is checked (unfortunatly). Can someone point me in the right direction??

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    Since you are talking about activating an ASP action from a browser event, and since that is impossible in normal ASP usage, and since this is the advanced board...well, I think your only choice is Remote Scripting. If you are unfamiliar with it, just go to and click on the words Remote Scripting and have fun. A bunch to learn, but at least it is possible.<BR><BR>

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    Default Or how about this?

    give each text box an onclick event to run a script and pass in a parameter checking the text box.<BR>then have your script open a pop up window at a position way off the clients screen say left 1000000 that contains asp to take the checkbox value and name and up date the db. put a window.close event it the window so that it runs the asp then shuts itself off.

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