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    my default.asp has 3 frames. like 4guysfromrolla.when i surf via web, my the main frame are still another pages ,which user requests. For exaple at 7-th.asp is link for opening new window for chat window.I call this window by following script <BR><BR>var"chat.asp",...) <BR> <BR>Problem : <BR><BR>When user (for exaple click on the logout button, ) I want back him into the main page and close him the chat window.Or when user simple exit the main window I want close him the chat window too.But I can write efficient code to close this window, because i must use <BR><BR>"chat.asp") <BR>myChat.Close() <BR><BR>So I must first open it and after close it immediatelly. I try this <BR><BR>dim mychat; <BR>set mychat=createobject("window"); <BR>mychat.location.href="grand_floor/login/kanal/chat_start.asp"; <BR>mychat.close(); <BR><BR>but it didnt&#039t works .I think there must be the way in this sense.If you know how to solve this please end my nightmare.I&#039m surfing at , but I can&#039t find the way yet ... <BR><BR>

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