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    I&#039m doing a search of a database and I&#039m displaying the results ten at a time, search engine style. Next 10 and previous 10 buttons are showing up as and where they should, based on a simple counter. The part I&#039m struggling with is that I&#039m wanting to do a recordcount so that I can display the total number of records at the top. One of my books tells me that if the value shows up as -1 then the object is not supported and I should set a cursor type. When I set Recordset.Cursortype = adOpenStatic I get the error: "The operation requested by the application is not allowed if the object is open" Similarly one of the books mentions in passing "note the lack of a connection (in the example)" What gives?

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    I dont think so if you get that error you are trying to open the object AGAIN without closing it

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