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    I am currently using a access data base and asp to create a web product procurement site. I have declared Account_Name as a text memo field in the data base but am now unable to order or sort the information in that field. field type text is simply too small for what I am doing. Is there another solution that I am missing?

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    You can&#039t use a Memo field for sorting/ordering in many DB systems. The reason is simple: It&#039s too darned much data and it would slow down processing too much. <BR><BR>What is the likelihood that if two fields don&#039t manage to be different somewhere within the first 255 characters that they will be different at the 256th? Or at the 3,112,673rd?<BR><BR>So if you really need to sort on the first 255 characters of your memo field, why not move the first 255 characters of each memo field in each record into a TEXT field and sort on that? Then, when you *use* the record, you can past the remaining characters back onto the end of the 255 characters.<BR><BR>

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    A variation on the same theme.<BR><BR>Instead of a separate field, just use the first 255 chars of the memo field by use of Mid Function.<BR><BR>Viz<BR><BR>SELECT Mid([MemoFieldName],1,255) AS Expr1, OtherField<BR>FROM YourTableName<BR>ORDER BY Mid([MemoFieldName],1,255);<BR><BR>R

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