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    does anybody know a good place to get all the rules for netscape vs. IE for javascript validation --&#062; asp page? <BR>specifically things like: <BR>document.all for IE, vs. <BR>document.layers for Netscape <BR>and other inconsistancies <BR>

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    Default My favorite site...<BR><BR>(Heh! In fact, I had it up in another window already!)<BR>

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    You have to do two jobs.<BR><BR>IE goto msdn<BR>NS go to<BR><BR>What u r referring is DHTML, and don&#039t waste ur time in search of sites that discuss about both of these.I had enough experience with DHTML, and as long as IE and NS indulge in all kinds of tricks with DHTML, it&#039s really hard to write a good <BR>DHTML page that runs on both the browsers.

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    Try <BR><BR>It has links to the specific pages in both msdn + nescape<BR><BR><BR><BR>-A

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