I have a form.asp file which requires the users to fill up the form and upload a file and send it to server in email. I am storing the uploaded file in a directory.<BR>I want to print out the form fields on my confirmation page &#060;%= request.form("fieldname")%&#062; I am puting this tag on the from process.asp page which process the form and send the email.<BR><BR>The problem is if in my form tag<BR><BR>&#060;form METHOD="POST" ACTION="hjfds.asp" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" name="form1"&#062;<BR><BR>if I put ENCTYPE it will not process my asp code but if I take it out it will process &#060;%= request.form("fieldname")%&#062; <BR>and give me the result...<BR><BR>Any body has an idea....please help