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    I&#039ve created a test data file which I have been using to test my new found ASP skills. The data file was created using access. Whenever I open the file using VBScript on an ASP, my manipulations are applied and then the file becomes un-accessable for approximately one minute. I&#039m wondering if there is a &#039con.close&#039 function that I&#039m not yet aware of? (It&#039s not mentioned in any of my books)<BR> Thanks for any help you have.

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    Yes, there is a con.close and you should use it. You should also use set con = nothing when you don&#039t need to maintain the connection. I&#039m not sure this will solve your problem - I think that (at least sometimes) ado keeps a connection live for a while in case it&#039s needed again. In any case, you should close and kill the connection as soon as it&#039s no longer needed.

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    Thanks. Now at least I have direction. It&#039s frustrating when reference material is incomplete. You try the examples but they don&#039t work and you&#039re left pulling your hair out. Maybe that&#039s part of the learning. :)<BR>(the &#039con.close&#039 was just a guess since I saw the & command earlier in some examples)

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