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    Hi<BR><BR>We have an ASP page that has the following script at the top of it:<BR><BR>Response.Expires = 0<BR>Response.Buffer = True<BR>Response.Clear<BR><BR>We have had a report from a user that when they re-visit this page they get a cached copy (i.e the content is the same as when they visited it previously.)<BR><BR>Does the above script stop the page from caching at the Proxy and ISP as well as on the clients machine?<BR><BR>Any ideas why this may be happening much appreciated.

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    Response.Expires = 0 ----&#062;No caching at all<BR>Response.Buffer = True ---&#062;content will be sent to browser as the output gets generated<BR>Response.Clear--&#062;clears the page buffer.<BR><BR>Definitely this will stop from displaying a cached copy.

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    Default Another thing you sould try

    Response.ExpiresAbsolute<BR><BR>see what is does and how to use it

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