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    Bill E. Guest

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    I am running the quicktime tutorial on my machine locally and when I compare it to ASP3.0 pages there is a considerable speed difference.<BR><BR>ASP3.0 page are *BOOM* quickly there. Then the .aspx pages are slow enough that it takes around 5 seconds to show up in the browser.<BR><BR>Is there a problem with the new aspx.dll from Microsoft that they aren&#039t talking about?<BR><BR>Thanks for any input.

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    Is the slow response just the first time you view a page or everytime you view a page? Keep in mind that the ASP.NET pages are compiled on the first visit (and on the first visit after each time you alter the ASP.NET page (or any one of its dependencies)).<BR><BR>Also, do keep in mind that this is BETA software, and there is likely large blocks of debugging code still in there and this hasn&#039t been optimized for speed. There are a number of ASP sites that are running .NET right now with (IMHO) good response times. See and and<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Doug Seven Guest

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    Also, the Config.Web has a section for debugmode. Having debugmode set to True will slow down the site. Is speed is what you are after, chnage the following Config.Web entry:<BR><BR>&#060;compilation debugmode="false" /&#062;<BR><BR>Doug Seven<BR> /

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