In Part3 of article for Searching 4guysfromrolla found at:<BR><BR>you gave an example of 3 boolean search words:<BR>ADODB and (OLE-DB or database) which the search engine puts parenthesis around the OR words.<BR>However, there are times in my website when the user doesn&#039t want to put Parenthesis around the OR words but instead around the words they choose.<BR>For example in my search engine modeled after yours(Thank you!):<BR>a search on Java or (ASP and HTML) would return the wrong results because the search engine translates it as (Java or ASP) and HTML. It follows the OR words and puts parenthesis around it. Is there a way to go a step farther and have it look to see if the user used parenthisis and if they did, use it the way they intended.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help,<BR>Jeff Kovach