I need to either find or build an extremely basic message board system. No threading (one page per topic, all replies on page), self-indexing, no database, manual archiving is fine.<BR><BR>I see how it can be done fairly simply. But, I need each new topic to generate it&#039s own new file name, and I&#039m lost on how to do that. It can happen randomly, or incrementally, or as a version of the topic - I don&#039t care, as long as there&#039s a decent chance it will end up unique. How would I do that?<BR><BR>Once I can do that, hopefully I can figure out how to self-index with it.<BR><BR>On the other hand, I&#039d rather not reinvent the wheel if it&#039s been done before. I can&#039t find anything that&#039s single threaded, though.<BR>