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    I&#039m having a problem with cookie functionality in a project of my company.<BR>The trouble is that i&#039m using Cookies to set the language of the content pages. The actual pages reside in diferent directories in the web server and if i change the language in a page that resides in dir"a" and then ghange again the language in a page that resides in dir"b" then the server creates two separate cookies, one for each directory!!!<BR>The code i&#039m using to generate the cookie is as follows:<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("Language") = Request.QueryString("Lang")<BR>Response.Cookies("L anguage").Expires = DateAdd("m",12,date)<BR>Response.Redirect(Request. ServerVariables("script_Name"))<BR><BR>How can i create a single "Language" cookie for all the pages in different directories in my web site?<BR><BR>Comment: This is the greates site i have ever been for asp resources!!!

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    At last i found the solution for the problem. Anyway the actual problem isn&#039t with the cookies but with the PWS. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the PWS doesn&#039t support the cookies and the session objects properly. Actualy PWS doesn&#039t execute global asa at all!!!! So I advise everybody to use win 2000 and the IS for the development.<BR><BR>Byeeeeee

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