Hi,<BR><BR>I have written a function to redim an array:<BR><BR>function enlargeArray (workArray, dimension, increaseSize)<BR> dim intArraySize<BR> intArraySize = ubound(workArray, dimension)<BR> redim preserve workArray (intArraySize + increaseSize)<BR> enlargeArray = workArray<BR>end function<BR><BR>if i use it with the split function its fine:<BR>strText = "a,b,c,d"<BR>testArray = split(strText,",") <BR><BR>testArray = enlargeArray (testArray, 1, 1)<BR><BR>However, if use it with an array NOT automatically created, ie:<BR>dim myArray () <BR>redim myArray (0)<BR>&#039fill the array with stuff<BR>myArray = enlargeArray (myArray, 1, 1)<BR><BR>i get a type mismatch.. <BR><BR>anybody help me out?<BR><BR>cheers<BR>Mark<BR>