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    Hi! <BR> I have created a simple dll using VB6 and registered it in the server by regsvr32. Now I want to use it in an ASP page by calling the &#039server.createobject&#039 function. But it is giving the error as" Server object error &#039ASP 0177 : 800401f3 Server.CreateObject Failed". In MSDN help, it is written as the error for IIS. But I am using PWS and windows98. What should I do? <BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>P Dutta

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    either the name is wrong when you used Server.CreateObject("Project1.Class1") or the dll is still not registered. Try to use the package and deploy wizard. Install it that way with the setup file. If that still doesn&#039t work check you name it should be something like the above CreateObject call.

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    Configure the registry to allow ASP to create out-of-process components. For security reasons, ASP by default cannot create out-of-process components. Thus, all attempts to create Transaction Server objects with Server.CreateObject will fail, unless the MTS object is configured to run "In the creator&#039s process" using MTS Explorer. The ASP page will return the following error message to the HTML client: <BR>Server object error&#039ASP 0177:80040154&#039<BR>Server.CreateObject Failed <BR><BR><BR>

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