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    So I&#039m on Win98, running Personal Web Server (possibly a dated one ..) and no ASP code works at all. Not even simple stuff ("Hello, world!") I noticed that I have no ASP.DLL file on my hard drive. Does this matter? Where can I find this file? Will IIS run on Win98 at all? Is there a place to find a recent version of PWS? The Microsoft website&#039s PWS link now leads back to IE 5.5 .. I downloaded that and ran the setup, but still no luck .. any help would be appreciated.

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    You need Windows NT to run IIS as far as I9 know.<BR><BR>I had the same problem with asp files, and then noticed that you must install it manually from PWS-setup.<BR><BR>You should find it in there somewhere.<BR><BR>For the &#039latest&#039 version of pws, look for the downloadsite for <BR>OPTION PACK 4 for windows NT. You are able to install PWS for WIN95 from that installer.<BR><BR>Bart.

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